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Digital information helps to build secure scaffolding

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Check out these five steps for lifting scaffolding safely

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Scaffolding is a first-order element in construction projects. That is why it is important to take all the relevant safety measures and pay attention to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Investing time to build safe scaffolding is not only a prevention measure, but it also allows to gain experience in the area for future works. Good scaffolding will allow builders to finish the work quickly and be safe in the process.

In this article, we’ll explain the five fundamental steps for lifting scaffolding safely. Once the firmness of the terrain where the scaffold will be built is verified, it is necessary to follow these steps to ensure a firm structure.

Lifting scaffolding by anyone

1.- Bases and gantry

The adjustable bases must be placed under a firm floor and at the highest point of the terrain, which is where the scaffold will be erected. The gantry will be inserted into the bases and adjusted until it is stable without the need for a protective railing.

2.- Crossbar and diagonal bars

The crossbar is the bar that connects the two gantries through the safety pins. Its function is to strengthen the framework, as well as to serve as a protective railing. Then the diagonal bars are mounted from the upper end of the gantry to the lower end using the safety pins.

3.- Platforms and leveling

The platforms are connected with claws to the crossbar of each of the gantries. To assemble them, they must be passed over the horizontal crossbars until they are adjusted to the upper part of both gantries. They must be tense.

Leveling is one of the most critical steps to ensure safety while lifting scaffolding. The bases must be matched using a bubble level starting with the one that is at the highest point of the floor and then adjusting the rest.

4.- Higher level

A ladder must be used for lifting the upper level. An operator has to take the new porch and, helped by another partner, insert it into the lower porch. The installer must repeat the process on the opposite gantry and secure both with the safety pins. The diagonal bars are placed in the same way as they were in the lower level.